Game Overview

This is a vertical scrolling shooting game, with many unique selectable characters.

There are a total of 8 stages, but only 4 stages will be played in one game. There is a course determination feature which players are able to control with their screen position.

How to Play

KeyAC ver.NameDescription
Y1~Y48-way LeverMoveControl the player's movement.
X2A ButtonShotFire shots. Rapid-fire is built in.
X1B ButtonCommandPerform a character-specific action.
C Button
D Button
BombLaunches a strong offensive attack.


Points Bomb Charge
Lv0 Medal 100 pts 5.36%
Lv1 Medal 250 pts 5.40%
Lv2 Medal 500 pts 5.47%
Lv3 Medal 750 pts 5.53%
Lv4 Medal 1000 pts 5.60%
Lv5 Medal 2500 pts 6.00%
Lv6 Medal 5000 pts 6.67%
Onigirun ? pts 100%

Game Modes

LightA beginner's mode with dignity. This mode offers depth in exchange for raw difficulty.
HeavyGeared towards shooting game veterans. A sublime balance of difficulty, with strong immersion.
Real WarGood fighting is required. For shooter experts only.
TrialEngage the worst war machines of Old Military in repeated battle.


Fire Lancer

The destructive power shooter.

ShotFires with a forward-facing option configuration.
CommandFires with a spread out option configuration.
BombEngage the hyper system, granting great ability for a limited time.


The triumphant skill shooter.

ShotFires shots.
CommandWhen pressed, options lock or unlock their movement.
BombLaunch a full-screen assault system attack.


The unorthodox range shooter.

ShotFires shots, allowing rotation.
CommandFires shots while locking rotation angle.
BombFire a strong piercing missile system attack.

Character Styles

Style ADefault style. A strong front shot, overall well-balanced style.
Style BAlternate style. A strong side shot, and slightly improved speed.
Style CPower style. Strong fire power, at the expense of speed and defense.
Style DSpeed style. Extreme speed and defense, but with low damage output.

Bullet Color Change

It is possible to change between several different enemy bullet colors during the game. Using the A or B button (AC ver: hold Start and press A or B button), the bullet color will be increased or decreased.

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